(941) 306-4313 - Sarasota
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(941) 306-4313 - Sarasota
(850) 426-2715 - Pensacola

About the company

Edified Services provides the very best, most thorough services. We commit to looking at every detail in every job in order to deliver on our commitment to “100% satisfaction guarantee.”
Ed Wehmeier and Edified Services equipment
These are the principles we abide to in order to deliver excellent services for our clients:


Total attention to detail at every job, ensuring full completion and total satisfaction.


We have invested in the most efficient & modern equipment available for performing our services.

Careful cleaners

We take extra steps to not damage our customers’ property by using the right cleaning agent for each application.


When scheduling the job, we commit to a feasible timeframe and stick to the schedule.


We maintain all of our tools and equipment in an orderly fashion to minimize lost time on a job site.


Over 30 years of business experience in power washing, equipment, cleaning, customer services, and logistics.


We will always let you know if a service is not needed. You are always notified if things don’t go as planned.


We treat your property and project as if it was our own.


We are Christians who believe in the Word of God that instructs and teaches us in God’s ways. We are “ edified“ (built up) individuals who endeavor to display this characteristic in the outcome of all of our jobs.

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